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Monday, 23 August 2010


Hi all, just wanted to let people know about the NOTBack2Skool giveaway I'm doing

at the moment.
Feel free to pop over and enter!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Hands Up 4 Home Ed

Hands Up 4 Home Ed

PLEASE HELP Hands up for home ed

- I started this up in the 'Badman times' I feel we're still getting criticism undeservedly and would really like to make this fly so we can show it as a source of positive thoughts and views about our HE.
share it around.
send in your hands and what you want to say to me by email and I...'ll put it on. (details on the blog)

Let's put our hands up for home ed , share this as many places as you can

Saturday, 31 July 2010

What Grit has to say - Same words, different worlds.

On the 27th July The Guardian started an article about Khyra Ishaq by saying
Ministers must urgently review the law on home education to prevent further tragedies, the independent review into the death of Khyra Ishaq recommended today .
How dare they ? it leaves me speechless!

Rather than talk about it myself I'll leave it up to Grit on her blog Grit's Day
She is a really good advocate for us and says very eloquently what I would love to be able to say half as well ;-)

Grit says:
In this home education world, I meet many women, too. Not one of them is weak willed, ignorant of the law, unaware of their responsibilities, or distracted from what they see is the reason why they choose what they do. The education of their children, the health of their family, the fulfilment of a lifestyle. I feel fortunate to meet these women. They are strong, intelligent, independent. They do not accept social values uncritically. They demand answers to the most dangerous question of all: why.
Read Grit's article here grit's day: Same words, different worlds

 Edit : another article which says 'The case of Khyra Ishaq was tragic. But to blame home education would be naive and destructive'   Home education: precious, not dangerous

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

'Unschooling' Lets Children Dictate Their Learning - cbs11tv.com

I found this article on Paula's blog.
Seven year old Elijah Parent and his 6-year old sister, Sadie, are bright, curious and eager to learn. But, their learning won't take place in a classroom or come from a prepared curriculum. Instead, it's all about what they want to learn. "That's the most beautiful thing; you can teach a child how to seek out information that they want, so they can fill themselves with the knowledge they desire," said the children's mother, Sarah Parent.
read the article here 'Unschooling' Lets Children Dictate Their Learning - cbs11tv.com

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